Next DSD firmware update in early 2021?

I understand. I’ve had tube trouble too. I still use tube gear. I’ve had plenty of car trouble. I don’t walk to work either. LOL. Just saying he may want to try again. It’s amazing sound.


Very excited by the upcoming DS firmware. I still hope the noise floor will drop a couple of db’s…


Are you all running out of mountain tops? LOL!

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I on the pinnacle of Mount Fuji…:grin:

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Ha, still a few left. No one was a big fan of my suggestion naming it after Mount Sneffels…


I thought it was promised that as long as an update could be applied to the DS that it would be made available?

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James . . . .

Will the original DSD be upgradable - i.e., similar to previous PS Audio DACs, will DSD owners be able to upgrade their original DSD to a MKII status?

Not this time. The hardware requires a different chassis so the boards won’t be able to be refitted into the old chassis.

Very interesting.

Valves/tubes are nothing to fear. If you get serious, buy a tester and never suffer needlessly again. Hybrids like PSAudio’s implementation are a good way to toe dip. But I have a full blown all tube 2 piece WOO Audio WA5-LE (Elk owns one too). It’s flawless in function and sound.


Wow, a two piece valve headphone amp? I’d love to hear a headphone rig of that quality. I just have a solid state Stax set and was no real headphone guy so far.

It is a magnificent unit. I am very pleased to have one.


I have a Schiit MJ2​:weary::unamused:

I need help. I had a menu issue with my DSD DAC SR. I attempted to reset the input names to default. Now they are messed up. I have a couple of Coaxial and IS2 ( both as 2 ). I used the Boot rescue offered on the website, ( that brought unit back to Pikes ), then installed the Wisdom ( for windows as MAC did nothing? ) So odd. What am I missing here?

as well as the DSjr, right?

What is the current firmware?
Last I did was Red Dawn

Welcome @johnharris
Windom is the current firmware version. I am not sure if upgrades are incremental, i.e. you have to do upgrades one by one. I bought mine in the fall of 2019 with Windom preloaded.

what is the approximate expected release date for that final regal firmware release, and what are the highlights?

Sorry if you already answered the same questions - in that case, please direct me to the corresponding post.

Thank you.

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I know I’ve read in the past, that any firmware updates that could improve the the TSS DAC, and could be adapted to improve the DS DAC, it would always be made available.
While I understand that the focus will be on the new DAC, are you saying that as Ted improves the firmware that could benefit the current DS DAC, those improvements won’t be made available?

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You mean “Redcloud”?

The current version is “Windom” and that is available here:

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