No Cover Art on DS with Snowmass 3.0.5 and SD card

I have never had an SD card in my DSD (which is a converted PWD). I’ve just caught on to the fact that the DS displays cover art.

I have a newly-formatted SD card in. When I play via Roon to the Bridge II, no art is displayed. I have firmware 3.0.5 and Bridge 3.6.17.

Am I missing anything?

Make sure SD card is pushed in.
SD card info
Try using the same SD card used for the updates.
Shut off power in back, wait 15 seconds, turn power back on.


Thanks… I’ve tried these steps… Incidentally my unit was just in for a repair, and PSA installed the new fw (3.0…5) for me. So I can’t do the upgrade.

I’m re-reading the SD card link – thanks for that – I’ll try formatting as FAT16 (is that even an option in Windows 10?) instead of FAT32.

But I know how this goes :slight_smile: … I’ll try all the steps again.

I bought this SanDisk 8GB on Amazon and it comes preformatted.