No proper Artist/Album tags for Gasoline Lollipops - Nightmares DSD256

I just purchased Gasoline Lollipops - Nightmares DSD256. Neither the Artist name or Album name show up in my Aurender IOS app. If I look under ‘Folders’ in the Aurender app, everything is there and it plays just fine. @Paul had problems with the DSD256 version and previously pulled it.

I have other DSD256 albums I have purchased from other sourses and the Aurender has no problem cataloging these under Artist/Album which leads me to belive this latest release does not have the proper Artist/Album tags. Can anyone confirm this?

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Addendum to my original post:

When I open other DSD albums using MP3Tag, it reads the album and artist tags.

Someone posted three versions of the Hoff Ensemble a few weeks ago with DSD64, DSD128, and DSD256 versions for doing a comparison. I can read the album/artist tags in all three but when I try to read the tags in Gasoline Lollipops DSD256 they are all blank.

Rob -

For a quick fix you can try and add the tags in Mp3tag, I checked and Gasoline Lollipops is in the databases. I use Tag Sources then MusicBrainz.

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Thanks, that what I ended up doing.

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