Noise Harvester and my P10?

I have had 3 Noise Harvesters for years now and sometimes they blink so fast it seems like a steady light. Fast forward to today… I just got a new P10 and I plugged a Noise Harvester into the wall duplex that is powering the P10, then I put a Noise Harvester into the back of the P10 … well they blink the same! What does the Noise Harvester actually reveal, and does the P10 not have the capability of removing this noise?

The Harvesters look at a fairly spec idic and narrow band of noise frequency, around 10kHz which the P10 does not address. We chose the 10kHz region for the Harvesters to work on and they do help if in front of a P10, not at its output. The unfortunate truth is that once the P10 regenerates new AC its lower output impedance won’t allow the Harvester to do its work. On the input to the P10 it’ll help reduce that area. Power Plants focus on about 1kHz down.