NPC - anywhere to adjust individual channel level?

I have set up my turntable and cartridge to the best of my ability and it’s pretty good, but it’s not perfect. I may have to accept that it will never get better than this, but part of me refuses. I have what I think are optimal settings for tracking force, azimuth, stylus rake angle, overhang, etc. - I get great results from test records for everything. Except one thing: my left channel is about 1 dB louder than my right. No adjustment to azimuth or anti-skate seems to make this any better than that. I’ve checked and can confirm it’s the output from the turntable prior to the preamp. So: is there any way to set balance on the NPC? There’s an overall gain adjustment, which controls the channel gain for both left and right channels. But I would like to be able to adjust them independently. If I can’t do it with the NPC, is there any other solution recommended? I know 1 dB is not something I should care that much about, but I do.