Two Bridge II question No. 1

Installed Bridge II last week and the installation worked right away accept…

Running through Roon the Direct Stream Sr. gives the title of songs now but there is no album art. Also the Roon reports the volume setting set by the DS remote but moving the volume in Roon has no effect. I’ve been told on the Roon board that I should turn off firewalls. As far as I can tell my iMac has no firewalls. If it does can someone direct me in the IOS to where its controlled??

I don’t get album art on my DSD but I do get the titles. To be honest I wasn’t even aware it was supposed to show album art - perhaps someone can confirm if it is actually meant to show it.

Make sure the SD card is in the DS. Contacts up.

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Bridge 2 will show album art,but you need to have sd card in slot to make it work. If you need to recycle your dac,take sd card off first and insert it back once your dsd is up and running again to prevent reloading firmware.

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@amsco15 @amsco15 - Thanks guys that worked! I didn’t even realise that was a feature until @Ken_Eis mentioned it!

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Also thanks. Wish this was in the Bridge II intallation instructions.
Album art now works, but the volume control is still inactive from Roon. Any secret sauce for that?

Yes,i know cause i had to learn it from these forums too :grin:

When you use bridge 2 and Roon,just let Roon adjust all settings as default and control volume from your dsd.

You need to change Roon Preferences / Settings / Volume Control = Device Volume, not Fixed Volume. Then Roon will control volume at the DSD.

No it doesn’t. At least for me. Its notclear from the responses that its even ment to work at all. Its a small thing. Fixed volume doesn’t work at all and devise volume means control by the DS itself. No combination allows roon to control the volume. Works for Sonus and other Roon end points but not DS.

Roon Device Volume control sets the DSD gain level on mine.
Fixed volume means that Roon outputs a fixed level, and you have to use the DSD volume control on mine.
My core is running on an iMac, and the Roon volume control also works as expected from an Android control point. That’s all I can tell you.

Make sure that the fixed volume setting isn’t on in your DS DAC settings. If it is it doesn’t matter what the Roon settings are on - the volume control won’t work.

Yeah, the secret sauce is not to use it that way. If you use the volume control in Roon, SQ will suffer.

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