Octave Records Release: Augustus, Ragtime World

Just ordered the SACD.

Check out the video promoting the record. I thought it was excellent:

Looking forward to hearing the work on the “Big Rig”.


Thanks! I think you’re going to love it. These guys are great. One of my favorites from Octave.

Ragtime World is in the house:

First spin coming up later this evening…

“Leave the Light On” = Fun!

“James Dean” also = Fun!

Great job Octave records; capturing the energy and spirit of listening to a studio jam session, live —

— at least that’s my take, first time through.


Just got this disc and gave it a few rounds.
Insanely good recording!

If you’re looking for a tremendously sounding rock album, I would really recommend getting this album!

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I agree with you.

Welcome to the forum.


Thanks Scotte1 :blush:

Looking forward to what octave will release next!