Octave Release: Zuill Bailey Bach Cello Suites

I’ve just come across these on Qobuz. I was rather perturbed by the heavy breathing, starting at no. 2. I then spent 2 hours going through various recordings, in particular Wispelwey, Fournier and Isserlis, and have plumped for Jean-Guihen Queyras. For me his control of tempo to extract the most expressiveness, without losing the melody and a strong sensitivity to the dance, plus a beautifully balanced acoustic. It just all adds up. I may be a little biased as I’ve heard him play all the suites without a break (or a score), which is some feat. Was Bailey a live recording? He seems to drift at times, and some of the dances are too staccato for me.

Zuill performed these “live” in an empty hall in Arizona.


@Paul - is the source DSD64?