Octave Release: Zuill Bailey Bach Cello Suites

I have a few questions on this new Octave release:

  1. Does the SACD contain both the 2-ch and multi-channel mixes?
  2. Does the physical SACD order come with the data disk of files? (appears to from image but doesn’t say in the text)
  3. Do the data files include both the 2-ch and multi-channel mixes?
  4. What formats are the multi-channel files?

Thank you!

Replying to myself! grrrr… I missed the “Album Features” tab on the page.

This answers some of my questions :slight_smile:
" * DVD data disc containing DSD64 stereo, DSD64 multi-channel layer, DSDDirect Mastered 192kHz 24 bit, 96kHz 24 bit, 44.1kHz 16 bit PCM"

So… maybe multi-channel PCM? Please confirm. At least it has the multi-DSD64 which works for me.

The 5-channel surround is available only on the SACD.

I honestly was going to take a pass on this. I’ve heard Zuill Bailey doing them on the telarc label and thought they were great but after watching the video I knew I had to own the Octave release! Ordered.


That’s awesome, thanks Paul!!

Thank you! Looks like it’s going to be a instant classic and must own! The YouTube video is fantastic! Must watch!


Already downloaded and listened to the DSD64. Great recording great performance.


Good to hear! Can’t wait for my copy!

A handsome publication/presentation:

Will post listening impressions later…

I hope others will chime in.


Just got my LRS speakers dialed n. My Zuill Bailey discs get here tomorrow—can’t wait!!!


Listening to disc one now and this definitely puts you right in front center of the stage listening on my system! The background is dead silent and I can hear every sonic detail of the cello. Very impressed so far!

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My Disc1 copy arrived on 8/2. Once I started listening to Mr. Bailey’s wonderful interpretations of these beautiful Bach Cello Suites 1007/1009/1011…I had to complete the journey! Zuill’s passion and soul for these wonderful movements of music artistry shines throughout as he guides the stunning (and Rare) 1693 Mateo Goffriller “Rosette” Cello into musical magic of the Bach Suites!!

As per the DSD recording, the Mesa Arts Center acoustics are superb, as Gus Skinas, Octave Records and crew faithfully capture his sublime instrumental performance and venue ambiance in its entirety (including the physiological breathing and emotional attachment/feeling of man and instrument)…BRAVO!



Thank you, Ted! Wonderful review.

Are you familiar with the Mesa Arts Center by having been there?

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Appreciate the comments! No personal experience…just familiarity with it’s history through research and of course, the wonderful Mr. Bailey’s recorded acoustical Bach performances gives the venue secrets away (my 2.1 system Is Very Revealing)! :wink:



I’ve greatly enjoyed Mr. Bailey’s work ever since my wife and I saw him perform the Elgar concerto with our Indianapolis Symphony a few years back. And as it happens, I’ve been looking for a truly great (performance and sound) recording of the Bach Suites for some time, as an alternative to the triple-digit Janos Starker LPs, which I can’t justify buying. So I ordered this one the minute I saw it mentioned in Copper, and it arrived in the mail earlier this week. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to sit and listen yet, and that’s driving me nuts. I may have to get up early Saturday morning and spend an hour or two with it before things start picking up for the day.

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I am not an aficionado or classical music maven. However, this recording (I bought the discs) is some of the most enjoyable recorded classical cello I have listened to.

Very “clean” and resonant capture of the performances…


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What a wonderful compliment!

Zuill’s recording is so open, rich, resonant and with my Maggies finally located in my room, he does sound like he’s right in front of me!

By comparison, my beloved Lynn Harrell (London) 2 CD set sounds flat, insipid and closed in.

Bravo all!

I got my copy a few days ago and had a listen last night. First off, the playing is marvelous and the enjoyment for me is wonderful. Best Octave release yet! Zuill is presented close up, but not in your face. This seems appropriate for a solo cello so ok by me. The one thing I wonder about is the image, it is somewhat diffuse, seemingly coming from dead center most of the time but occasionally spreading a bit to fill the whole space between the speakers. It’s not as defined as a vocalist. The recording venue is fairly large so that could be reverberation or it might be my set up. I do need to do some fine tuning and this might be just the recording to use. Well done!

As this is my favorite Bach piece and I was interested in the recording, I also bought the release and although for me it doesn’t touch my preferred Starker interpretation, I was positively surprised by the musical performance of Zuill Bailey.

On the other hand I expected more of the recording quality. A nice balanced tone, room reverb, resonance and atmosphere, but as pmotz described, a rather diffuse imaging with partly perceived localization as a moving target between towards the right (where he seems to be generally located), middle (breathing) and left of the center (some resonances it seems or he turns a bit partly), seemingly aimed to atmospherically fill the space between the speakers from right of the middle without getting near them. While the kind of moving target imaging hints to a close stereo mic, Zuill’s little muted breath and missing sharper transients of the bow touches rather hint towards further away mics. So again (in less width than on the Grusin recording), a stage and room filling sound between the speakers with nice room ambiance, but I’m missing a bit more focus and transients for the recording/sound qualities to stand out of the crowd somehow. But possibly part of it is Zuill’s playing style and instrument. I would say the rather diffuse imaging is maybe closest to a live experience in this hall, but certain effects of an add. closer mic’ing (e.g. his breath coming from another position than most of his playing) then distract from this illusion on the other hand. Probably it’s really difficult to balance room and close sounds so that no confusing mix of diffuse room ambiance and single recording typical focus elements establish, but a believable synergy. I guess that’s really hard and rare.