Octavia Records: Exton & Triton join Native DSD

I’m always pleased to have access to new content…

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Great to have another source dedicated to high-quality recordings…

I won’t be buying any of them because they are not offered on physical media. I have this thing about owning a recording in a format I can hold in my hand AND archive/play from a digital repository (currently my iMac back up on a Synology NASD).

Maybe someone can talk me out of my self-imposed boundaries or I’ll grow out of it eventually.

In any event, thanks for the heads up and let us know how the offerings are if you acquire some.


The EXTON are imo in a majority better sounding than then DSD recordings from labels like Pentatone and they partly have famous conductors.

Good to see such labels working with DSD. I otherwise have the impression, DSD might get as rare as analog recordings (DSD is not really made for online streaming).

Or to get even more boutique …but even most of the best audiophile boutique labels (Chesky, Reference Recordings and many more) use PCM whysoever.

But due to the gigantic relevance of the recording technology compared to the digital format, I don’t wonder that PCM/DSD is a non issue for the music and even the audiophile world.

I agree. There is nothing like grabbing that disc from the collection and putting it in the player. Call it old school, but it’s still the best school! I’m trying to plan building a new system and have no intention of getting a streamer. Not that there is anything wrong with it, I just prefer owning my music and not paying a subscription.

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I understand and can empathize, but don’t get me wrong, I still stream most of my tunes.

But the files I stream are my own and 99% plus of them are ripped to my iMac from discs I purchased.

Of late, however, I have been spinning more and more of my collection via a second-hand PSA DMP since the sound of many of my recordings rival my ripped files when played from the discs.


[PS - I also enjoy listening to and exploring new music via Roon with my Qobuz and Tidal subscriptions. I just try to make a point of buying the music I discover that way as much as possible and adding it to my collection of shiny discs and ripped files. FWIW.]