For Which Component Do You Use Your Best Power Cord?

  • Regenerator
  • Amplifier
  • Source

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If you have experimented with this and could share your findings, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

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If you have experience comparing cables on different components and could share your experience here, that would be great.


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To me it makes the most sense to start at the beginning of the chain and move along kind of in order following the signal. Nothing audiophile based just common sense to me.


What Baldy recommends is what I did. . . until right now all my cables are the same: PS Audio AC-12

George, any reason you didn’t include power line conditioner as a choice? Not all of us have regenerators you know.

Edit: to answer your question I use the best cord going from the wall to the PLC. I have more than one of them and it floats around from amp to source depending on my preference for that day. I find there are pros and cons no matter where the secondary and tertiary “really good” cords go.

I find that when I move my SR Galileo Power Cord from my P20 to my Esoteric power amp, the sound was much better, probably because the amp is the last device the signal goes through and how the amp amplify that signal makes a huge difference in sound.

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Put your best cord where it sounds best to you. Experiment! I find the Stellar GCD is particularly sensitive to power cord changes. Some other gear less so, some more so. Like @lonson, all of my power cables are the same now so there all my best.

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HI Joe,

My apologies. When I created the poll I realized that it could have numerous options, so I tried to simplify things. I guess I simplified too much.

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No apology needed, George. I’m just not sure how many like me just have a PLC(s) and didn’t respond.

Good point.

If your PLC is powering the rest of your system, as my regenerator is, then I suggest you (and other with PLC) vote for regenerator. I just tried editing the poll and it doesn’t allow you to after 5 min.

Just voted for regenerator. Thanks for trying to alter it.

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By the way, one of the reasons for my poll is because I have one good power cord that originally bought for my regenerator and I was wondering recently if it would sound better if it was connected to my amp or my source.

Logic tells me the higher powered components would benefit more from a better power cord. It also tells me that the regenerator that powers the entire system would benefit most from a better power cord. But I have read that the power cord for the source is most important and the power cord for the amp has the least amount of effect on sound quality. I also read that power cables have little or no effect on sound quality.

So, as is often the case in audio, no consensus, so I decided to try swapping my source power cord with my regenerator power cord (Avius by Cullen Cable) and I hear an immediate difference. More even tonality, more transparent sound, more detail, less harshness. I have found when moving cables around they need some time to settle and this time is no exception. So I’ll leave everything on until the sound fully settles in.

Typically the source(s), followed by preamp and phono preamp. Now that I have a regenerator I’d say the cord feeding the regenerator. Truth be told you’ll need to experiment. Source cables will not likely work well with a power amp or a regenerator. I will be experimenting somewhat over the next few weeks.


If you have a regenerator powering your system the cable from the wall to the regenerator/power plant will affect every component connected! 1 power cable upgrade = 10 components performance improved!

Paul himself suggests that the best power cord should go to the regenerator. But each system and pair of ears in a room tells its own little story and experimenting is a way to hear the possibilities.


I’ve found experimentation (trial and error) is the ultimate arbiter of what goes where just as you’ve said. Generally, my conclusion has been the component that affects the most others in the chain results in the most benefit. In my case that means putting a large gauge cord with built in passive noise reduction from the wall to the PLC feeding the source components and the exact same large gauge cord minus the noise reduction unit into the wall feeding my integrated amp.


There is no meaningful substitute for personal experience.


I would vote for regenerator first, but I use specialized cables determined by their use and the flexibility required.

Hi George…

Best practice would be save up $$$ and get quality power cables for the entire system.
From wall to regeneratot to all other components powered by your regenrator.

That way you won’t have to be rehashing this scenario over and over again…

Best wishes

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Hi David, not sure what gave you the impression that I have been rehashing this question over and over again. I merely thought tthought this was an interesting question to consider and even more so, to try out.