One Man’s Quest to Build the Best Stereo System in the World

The link to the video is in the article as well:


I thought his story was quite compelling. A true life’s work.

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Kendall-Jackson, really?

Great video.

There was a second video released revealing that he has been diagnosed with ALS and only has a few more years left to enjoy his system. Also, due to the debilitating effects of ALS, it won’t be long before he won’t be able to play the music for himself.

He says that he feels blessed to be able to enjoy his system and spend his final years with his family.

Incredibly sad that soon after completing his vision he was diagnosed with ALS.

Edit: Link to video referenced above added:

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This was shared elsewhere on this site a few days ago. Meh!


This has popped up here a couple of times before.

See, also

I can’t help comparing Ken Fritz’s stereo system to James Hampton’s “The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations’ Millennium General Assembly” which is in the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Hampton “hand-crafted many of the elements from cardboard and plastic, but added structure with found objects from his neighborhood, such as old furniture and jelly jars, and discards like light bulbs from the federal office buildings in which he worked.”


I don’t understand the extent of the “dissing” Mr. Fritz’s quest/system receives. Taste is a personal thing. I get that. But you would think the DIY’ers and self-made types would appreciate the make it myself/make it mine ethic.

Most importantly, I have seen no comments on this or similar threads from anyone that has listened to this system. When that guy/gal steps up to the virtual podium, I will give their observations and opinions some consideration for sure.

My $0.02.


BTW my comparison wasn’t meant as “dissing.” It was more to celebrate those with years long obsessions. James Hampton spent 14 years building the Throne.

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I understand (and my comment was not “inspired” by your post).



I first saw the Throne when it was in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts years ago. I didn’t know anything about it and I was blown away. I’m sure that if any of us were able to listen to Mr. Fritz’s system it would be equally incredible.

The news is filled with people with bad obsessions. It’s nice to know there are also people with good obsessions.


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Such a project will always elicit reactions from “Oh, my!” to “Oh my God, no!”

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Just like exterior house colors… :wink:

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MR FRITZ has passed

That’s a shame…

Sad. Hopefully his system will live on and someone will enjoy all of his hard work.

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What a shame.

I for one am happy he got to enjoy the fruits of his labor before passing along.

I really hope that his life’s labor is memorialized in some more substantial way than a few YouTube videos.

I found the documentary fascinating and I would really like to hear that system.

Me too. It looks amazing. I wonder if it sounds the same.

Where did you see or hear this? I did a quick search and didn’t find anything definitive. I saw one commenter who said he died a year ago, that was incorrect. I did find a local Virginia TV story about him that was posted eight days ago, no mention of him passing. The TV story did have some video of him done since the YouTube documentary, the ALS had definitely progressed, but it wasn’t said when the video was from. I do believe he got a few years to enjoy his system, and his hearing is still sharp so he is (hopefully) still enjoying it.

All assessments of his system being the “best” system aside, this guy was really amazing in his ability to get big projects done. He hand built the speakers and the room they went in!