Strange setups from the web

I found no such thread (except the dedicated turntable thread) but think it’s interesting, so here it is…

Take this: the setup of the owner of the fantastic label Fone. Did you ever see a stacked Tannoy setup, a Tannoy line source so to say :wink: (the same 2 are on the other side as well)?

Another interesting detail: he uses a turntable to drive the belt of another turntable.

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Just curious, how he drives “another” turntable? A 3rd one hidden somewhere :slight_smile:
I wonder why he uses 2 turntables? Less vibration?

Yes, he has two turntables with on board motor, so to isolate like with a separate motor, he uses one of them (with its on board motor) to drive the other. An expensive motor solution which might or might not create the best torque, but as he could afford a lot, it must makes some sense.

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I think an amp looking like that can’t sound bad, too.


i thought it was an espresso machine


It may not have as much hiss as an expresso machine.
Seriously though, I love its esthetics.

I’m looking at that and am thinking steam punk. Cool!

Dr. Strangelove comes readily to mind . . .

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Look at this…can someone tell me the speaker brand? Looks as if one can sit inside them.

Guys, there are forums online, where most setups are crazy like that, just mostly even much bigger…we are so normal :wink:

I think that is an Electronluv amp.

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Wow thanks! Didn’t know Elac makes 60k speakers like that.

And ok, now it’s clear it doesn’t look as spectacular as I assumed…no sitting inside the speaker :wink:

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That is definitely an Electronluv Amplifier. I wonder why Josh Stippich stopped building audio equipment?

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Thanks, didn’t know him. He still seems active:

Those are probably the craziest amps I saw so far.

It seems vintage technology still rules at the top of the crazy high end.

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Thomas mayer also manufacturers his own tubes.

And probably very $$$$ pricey…

If ever there was a steampunk take on power amplifier design … we have a steampunk themed hotel here just a couple of blocks from the Magnificent Mile that contraption should be in the front window of. Very cool.

I think if you scroll to the various speakers pictured in this long post of mine, you find more real steampunk.

Prototype of one my team is working on. Early stages of development. Other than the “slight” arcing, it’s going well.