I know this guy who has a problem...


I just had to share it.

one has to join to see the content

Ah, ok, I’ll try to post some photos copied…

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The real problem with those pictures, as I see it, is that there is a chair for one person only. Apart from the conspicuous consumption, of which we are all guilty to an extent, is there not something a bit peculiar, and perhaps a bit depressing, if all that gear serves one set of ears only?

An interesting question. Audio is, on the whole, a solitary pursuit.

It is also, almost by definition, conspicuous consumption - but may not if you engage in it as a solitary experience. :slight_smile:

Good points. It is rare that I listen seriously to my system with others. However, my system is in a living room, with quite a few lounge seats. It serves a dual purpose.

This guy (US based) obviously has no need to compromise. What made me stop and think is why so many different pieces of equipment. I generally prefer 1 system with all my favourites bits in it… I’m not sure if this guy can decide what he prefers best. Nice problem to have!

I do not enjoy playing with equipment enough to have all of these alternates available. I am certain I would end up listening to one or two system variations and the others would collect dust.

I would like to be a member of Component of the Month however so when I am curious about something, I could have it delivered for a couple of days trial.

Hey guys how did you get pictures of my office. Lol. I have a couch. Even though it is only my grandson who ever sits there besides me…

Love it, we have the same chair. Will post some pics of my system soon, in the midst of an upgrade on sources.

A little late to the party … This guy is probably a home dealer, it sure looks like a showroom to me. I wouldn’t doubt there are “enthusiasts” who own this much equipment, but any audiophile worth his interconnects wouldn’t keep it all in the listening room. It is very neat though, nicely done!