Online purchase not working

I thought PSA should know that the shopping cart is not working properly.

When I add an item it shows a name and shipping address that is not mine. My details are correct in Preferences, but the cart populates with another address. It would not let me correct shipping details so I could not complete the purchase. I tried three different items and no luck.


That is very odd. Thank you for letting us know, we’ll have one of our website folks take a closer look. And it sounds like you were unable to place your order, feel free to give us a call on Monday and we’ll get you taken care of.

Not sure if that’s only for me, but when trying to order an “Audiophile’s guide” I get the following error, and the shopping cart remains empty when I try to add it to the cart.
Is there any way to order a CD without physical disc? I.E. download it from your site after placing a payment?
Thank you!

The error I get:
Oops. Sorry, but our system isn’t able to handle adding this item to your cart at this time. With apologies, all Octave Record purchases need to be processed in a separate order.

Are you still having trouble with it? I just tried adding the download only version and it added to my cart no problem. My cart was completely empty prior to adding it.

It works fine now. Thank you, @jamesh :slight_smile: