Original Rubber Feet Under DS Sr


I tried some Cardas Myrtle blocks and other footers on the DS Sr and noticed that the original rubber feet actually dangle loosely and are not screwed on tight.

I seem to remember that they were always like that from the beginning. is this the case or have mine just become dislodged over time? If so, should I tighten the screws on them so they do not move?


They shouldn’t have any movement. They are easy to tighten.

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I will tighten them. I was just wondering how they loosened over time when it’s just been sitting there.

QC oversite most likely.

By the way, the other thing I tried was the large Ikea Aptilig wood block below the DS.

I think I read somewhere here that some other folk tried it to good effect.

In my system, it didn’t work out so well. It sucked the life out of the music which became dull and veiled. There was more fullness though.