Other brands encroaching

I’ve noticed one or two brands using this and other forums to promote new or in development products.
That may be fine on a general audio forum, but I feel is a bit of chutzpah on a dedicated manufacturer forum.
Would it be sensible for all members to be obliged to disclose any trade relationship with another manufacturer and any such marketing threads banned?


As long as relationships are disclosed I don’t see it as a problem. Paul has always been open to other companies participating in the forums where appropriate (e.g., Jesus from Sonore, Galen from Iconoclast, Cookie Marenco, etc.). That can be an excellent source of information in many cases. If people are shilling for companies without disclosing their financial interests, that is an entirely different matter. And if their only participation in the forums is to push their products, that might also be inappropriate.

I delete all threads and posts which are clearly marketing only, businesses posting in the for sale section pretending to be individuals, etc.

Others - such as Jesus, Galen, and Cookie - have been tremendous assets as active participants.

My sense is those who have posted in support or criticism of specific products have been good about disclosing whether they do or do not have a relationship with a given manufacturer or distributor. If you have concerns, please ask the poster and/or bring this to our attention.

Please also feel free to flag posts you find questionable for any reason - abusive, profanity, anything you feel is inappropriate.


There is a lot to learn from other manufacturers, especially as you start from such a low level of knowledge as I have. For the first time in my life I actually think I learned something about speaker cables from Galen, including that the same goal can be achieved by different routes. I also learned that there are performance issues that some manufacturers consider relevant and others not.

I mention other brands in comparison and like to provide a link, such that refers have an easy way to know what I talk about. Yeah, some are a bit on the edge, but it’s good to have the moderators taking care of this issue.

I always feel somewhat uncomfortable mentioning my amplifier and power cables because they’re not PSA products. But this is after all, a forum, not a marketing site for PSA, by Paul’s design. (Thank you Paul). We share experiences, good or bad. And that’s what makes this a useful and fun forum.


If they are on the edge, do not post them. Do not rely on others to police questionable links.

I always thought this forum and Paul’s Posts was a place for Paul and his crew to shamelessly market their products … except there’s nothing shameless about marketing excellent products. It’s a place Paul can punt the best amplifier ever made and be beyond criticism, and I would not criticise him or the the products. You don’t go to a friend’s house and criticise their wife’s sense of style. They always look lovely.

My tendency is not to mention products competing with PSA if at all possible.

What I don’t like is coming here for a bit of enlightenment and amusement and someone’s trying to flog me something.

Steven, I consider Forums to discuss and compare. Not to sing praises only. I think PS Audio can handle it, after all it’s the owner of the house who advertises his opinion about other brands too on his blogs and videos. And I am OK with that too.

I agree, it would be shameless for companies to advertise their products here. I I see that or think it is happening I react to those people before flagging. Just give them a chance to state their intentions.

I meant some that I saw posted are on the edge, I was not referring to my own.

Overall I like the way you handle it, it was supposed to be a compliment :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the explanation. I am sorry I misunderstood.

No problem, I am sometimes pretty blunt, which I probably shouldn’t.

Personally, if this forum was strictly limited to discussion of the PS Audio brand, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have much to discuss. I have several PS Audio products, mostly on the power side. The benefit of this forum is the open dialogue from members. My two cents.


My sense is that the credibility of these forums increases with the freedom to mention other brands. I have trusted Paul’s integrity because he has freely mentioned other brands and competitors in the marketplace.