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Two members recently asked me about flagged posts. They each received an email from the system indicating one of their posts had been flagged.

As the automated email indicates, any member of the community can can flag a post and mark it inappropriate, spam, etc. Once flagged by a user, the post is hidden and the author receives a message explaining he may edit the post and the post will be restored. If it is flagged again, the message is hidden until a mod reviews it.

Any time a user flags a post, a notice is sent to the mods. I often restore flagged posts as I see no reason to remove it and disagree with the reason it was flagged.

Unfortunately, posts are often flagged when a couple of members are bickering and they flag each others’ posts as inappropriate. A couple of days ago I restored one of Dirk’s posts a member had flagged merely because the member was annoyed /disagreed with him. There being nothing wrong with the post itself I disagreed with the flag and the post was restored.

I hope this helps.


Do mean about the BHK stuff??

Flagging is for individual posts. If you look at the little symbols at the bottom of each post there is a little flag.

And let’s not try a run around and again raise the BHK thread, neither in this thread nor elsewhere. I am certain PS Audio is addressing it directly.


@Elk (@Paul): I am not a fan of incivility. And gratuitous criticism is off-putting at best.

That said, I would like to suggest that censoring and removing the thread that took off like wildfire this morning is bad form.

ELK: If you did this on your own initiative, it is my opinion that you have overstepped your bounds. No offense intended…

If you were instructed to delete the thread and any attempt to address the subject matter, then, in the spirit of the candor and openness that has come to define these fora, someone from PSA should step up and explain the reasons, in general terms, for censoring the topic.

To borrow from an apropos (if not literally applicable) Supreme Court opinion: “If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the process of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence.” — Louis Brandeis, Whitney v. California

I empathize with Paul & Co. RE: the potential problems the earlier assertions have no doubt raised. But going dark will only exacerbate things. More light please!

Channeling Andy Rooney now…I am looking forward to the rest of the story.

Sincerely yours,



Hi, Scott

I know no more about the matter than any other forum member.

As the thread was removed it appears PS Audio would prefer, at least at this stage, to learn more and to address the matter privately.

It is their call, not mine or of any other member, and we need to respect this decision.

We otherwise have more than enough to discuss and to speculate about. :slight_smile:

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And thank you for the respectful, constructive query and suggestions. Kudos.


Just trying to do my part to keep the tone that Paul has set, and which draws me to this oasis in the desert that is often the “inter webs…”

Thanks for the note.



I have closed this thread as the subsequent posts continued to discuss the matter. Please let PS Audio address the issue as they feel appropriate.

Thank you

Yes, we are. I was wrong. Dirk clearly has a problem with his bottom plates on the BHKs. It’s the first we’ve ever seen of such corrosion. We had communicated earlier in the year with Dirk over some bottom plate problems that looked to be the start of zinc plating bleed out which causes discoloration but not what he is showing here.

We are working directly with him and will let folks know what we find once we get the serial numbers and dealer sources from him. That’s how we can then pull up the records to see when they were manufactured and if there were any batch problems at the time.


I said the “gouged” word in a post in relation to distributor pricing and it got puffed. Some must choose words carefully, different rules for others.

Whirlyman—Beyond this forum and out to life overall, why not make one’s point without arrogance and hostility? Not reaching for a coloring book here, but it gets wearing after a while and the point, no matter how meaningful loses it’s meaning–it’s value–ya know?


If I made an error of fact, please enlighten me so I can make the appropriate correction.

really? fact?

Yeah, my comment about distributor price gouging recently was puffed into the never-never.

Yeah, my Luxman comment got puffed into the never-never, but @mark-d didn’t get puffed for mentioning Luxman in the first place. All I did was a screenshot of part of the link he posted, and that obviously upset somebody.

Why flag your post…makes no sense to me.

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