Our family just lost our 30+ year old kitty about an hour ago

Sorry about your loss and the family’s. Trust it/he shared a lot with you guys spanning 3 decades!!!

There’s always been cats in my household although Pilar (same breed and looks as Puzz), the one that lived the longest, only lasted a good 15 years.

Got a female, territorial PitBull now, so probably a good idea that Pilar is no longer with us :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the very kind words and prayers. It really means a lot. Puzz what a great kitty, always wanted to be with everyone, and knew exactly when dinner time was. Just like clockwork, he’d walk into the kitchen and start meowing which would bring in all of other kitties, and he’d continuing meowing until someone showed up to get their wet food for them in the evenings. Puzz was no dummy. :wink:

Gosh, lots and lots of wonderful memories to think about with that little guy…

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Wow. That is amazing. I am glad he lived that long - and in a healthy way too!! So just Purina cat food out of the can? Was he an indoor cat ? You will notice how well puzz trained you

No… No Purina. We get them the food that the vet and some animal stores sell. The stuff is expensive, but the kitties are worth every penny of it. They get dry food throughout the day and night, but around 4PM (it was Puzz’s time choice), they get their one small can of wet food.

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Sorry for your loss :(… He had quite a life!! Never known a cat to be that old. I had a Himalayan grand old lady that lived to 25 but I have to admit her quality of life wasn’t that great at that age. It’s always tough when you have to make the decision to do what’s right.

So what’s the food?

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Sorry for your loss Chops. But Wow ! 30 years is more than 9 lives. I hope he wasn’t suffering in his final years.

I am terribly sorry. I know how bad this hurts. The age is incredible. We live on a farm, so have many animals. The more you have, the more shall pass unfortunately. They are always passing. Breaks my heart. It is never easy. Although birth is a miracle to behold. I have the worst luck. Small animals never make it to the vet. I find them deceased. Not only is it very sad it just really rubs it in. Last was my bunny. I do not mean to be morbid I am just saying, if anyone I share your pain. I am with you in this time of sorrow. Bunny was incredible age at 19 too! I saw someone say they had a Himalayan kitty live 24 years! We breed them. The best blood lines in the world and I do not think one has ever topped 21.Not doubting you, our luck just sucks. This is just very sad. At 30 I would think the family would be very attached. Orijen is the best cat food. Hold your breath for the price.

We had up to three tabbies in the house when I was growing up. They basically ruled the household. We loved every one of them and mourned the loss of each of them over time. That Puzz lived 30+ years is simply amazing. Testament to the love of his family.

It varies between Hill’s Science Diet, Orijen and Halo.

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Thanks again everyone. Having other furry babies around makes coping a bit easier.