Lost a family member yesterday


Well yesterday was a long, sad day.

One of our kitties named Harpo had to be put down. He had been acting a bit off the past couple of weeks, and for about the past 4 days hasn’t been eating or drinking much of anything, and his breathing had become very labored.

We took him to the vet a couple days ago and was diagnosed with pancreatitis. We were give some meds to give him and it wasn’t helping. In fact, he was fighting us the entire time, so we ended up taking him right back the following night. They ran more tests yesterday morning and found a cancerous tumor in his chest that was filling his lungs with blood and fluid, which was also causing his pancreatitis. He was deteriorating rapidly and his breathing was getting worse.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything that could be done at this point because the cancer was already too far along and was affecting pretty much all of his organs including horrible acids that were draining into his stomach which was making him not want to eat and drink.

So we had no choice but to make the tough decision. We cried and said our goodbyes, and… You know the rest… Hell, I’m tearing up again just writing this…


My condolences. It’s so hard to lose these loved beings. All the best to you and your family.


My mum’s cat is 21 years old and probably doesn’t have many birthdays left.


Thank you sir. Yes, it’s the only thing I hate about having pets, but I’ve lived my entire life with them and I wouldn’t know what to do without them. Little Harpo was almost 9 years old. Way too young to go.


Absolutely way too young. I’ve lost a pet, and a wife, all too young, and it makes you rail against the universe for far too long. . . .Time heals, as you know. R.I.P. Harpo.


I love cats, they’re the coolest. Sorry for his departure, but his pain is gone as well. Their spirit lives on forever.


This guy right here?.. He’ll be 29 years old in a few more months! Still going strong even though he’s slow and stiff these days. And he generally has a happy look on his face. :slightly_smiling_face:


So sorry for your loss. As hard as it is to let them go you did the right thing. No one wants them to suffer.


@Chops Sorry for your loss. Those are hard days indeed.


My condolences! We put down our last cat at 22 and his sister at 21 and our dog at 15 in the last year. So a tough year for the lovers of our furry friends. We dealt with it by getting a new puppy (a Spanish Water Dog). You never forget your pets, but the new ones certainly benefit from the love they’re offered. I was reluctant to get another pet after the loses but I wouldn’t trade our new friend for anything.


Sorry to hear about your loss Chops. I’ve had pets most my life, and it’s never easy losing one.
My first cat Smokey, was with me almost 22 years. Took me a while before adopting another one.


Is that a Maine Coon cat? Looks like my cat who is 14 years old…


When did you first have this sinking feline?


Is that a Maine coon cat??


Many moons ago, but it seems to be a feline thing.


Blessed are those who have room in their lives for cats.

Our devoted kitty will sit next to me during the loudest music. I often wonder how she does it.


My orange tabby has to sit in the sweet spot when ever she wanders into the stereo room.
She immediately steals my listening chair if I get up for a sec.


My condolences. Just lost my faithful pal Eddie at 12 years old, Saturday before Christmas. Fortunately did not have to put him down - he’d been failing for weeks, but just sort of stood up suddenly with a surprised expression, and that was it. Probably stroke or heart attack, so that was sort of a blessing. Was dreading having to take him in. Very sorry for your loss.


Sorry to hear about poor Eddie. And thank you. Condolences to you as well.


While this says dogs, I believe it applies to cats too. People often say that pets are like family, but I think they are better. They show unconditional loyalty, and never hold grudges.
I found some comfort in this, and followed it’s request.