Lost another furry family member last night

When my girlfriend and I first got together 12 years ago, about 4 months into our relationship, we decided to adopt a kitten. When at the pet store, this little guy (Trouble) came right up to us, along with his little sister (Charlie). So we adopted both of them.

Fast forward to about 5 or 6 months ago, and Trouble developed a heart issue, and ever since we’ve been giving him heart meds and a diuretic every morning and evening to help make him pee and drink water. He’d have some good days, he’ have some not so good days as it of course effected his lungs with fluid build-up and of course his kidneys.

Though the last two weeks, Trouble really started acting himself again, meowing a lot, purring, regaining his strength and appetite, putting a little weight back on… Just being overall happy and healthy.

We believe Trouble had this huge turnaround and huge improvements due to these little cocoon type kitty beds we bought him, since he never seemed to get comfortable and get any real sleep. He would always sit up or stand up, constantly reposition himself trying to get comfortable, but never could, and as a result, never get any rest or sleep. These beds though, he took to them right away and within the first 30 minutes of having these beds, he climbed in one of them, settled in and went straight to sleep, and a deep sleep at that. He and his sister love these beds and he was in one of them all the time, and getting plenty of quality rest and sleep in comfort finally. Those beds were a blessing… For at least two weeks. Then…

My brothers were over last night for dinner and such as they usually are every weekend. Around 11:30pm, we saw Trouble fumbling around and dragging his back legs into the kitchen, and howling and meowing as if he was in pain. Scared, worried, confused, he didn’t know what was going on with his body nor did we.

Immediately, we took him to the emergency vet, and by midnight, it was determined by the vet that it was a blood clot that had lodged itself somewhere and shut down the whole lower half of his body. Even his tail was stiff and motionless. This blood clot was all due to the heart issue and the kidneys failing over time, which they say is unfortunately, a sad but common side effect. At that point, there really isn’t much else that can be done, other than the obvious. So…

Needless to say, it’s been a very very crappy evening/morning, with little to no sleep for either of us. Not the way we wanted our weekend to start off. All of the other cats know something is different and that Trouble isn’t coming back home, especially his little sister who’s laying here with me right now.

Shortly after we just brought Trouble and Charlie home…

Just a few weeks ago right before the new kitty beds…

The day of the new beds…

Literally 30 minutes later…

His little sister Charlie keeping an eye on him…

Just yesterday morning before I headed in to work…


Really sorry to hear that. Our pets become our children. I’ve had pets, including a “Tuxedo” cat named Charlie who had incredible, predictable personalities. I miss Charlie and Henry (poodle) very much even after years gone.


Sorry to hear Chops. Never easy - I hope you can keep hold of all the good memories.


I’m so sorry for your loss. As a cat person (we have 18 now, but we’ve lost 5 over the years), I know how painful it is. Cherish the memories!


Chops, so very, very sorry for your loss. You have years and years of good memories, I’m sure. Hold on to those…

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I’m saddened by your loss. It never gets easier unfortunately, when you love your furry friends.

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So very sorry to hear about your loss. We lost our cat Agate at age 19 from old age kidney failure almost 3 years ago. No amount of rational understanding that putting them down is the kindest thing you can do makes it any easier. Everyone talks about the responsibility we take on in opening our homes to our pets and providing for their welfare. But it’s nothing compared to the responsibility we owe them in making the hardest decision.


So sorry for your loss. They just take a piece of your heart with them, don’t they. At 12 years, he must have had an amazing life with you. Enjoy each day with the rest of your crew. All I can say.


Thanks everyone for the kind words.

You know, the worst part about this is he was perfectly fine, walking around, eating, etc, etc, then literally in one minute, he came fumbling into the kitchen like that. That’s what hits us the most, that it was literally instant.

So sorry for your loss Chops. I’m sure you have many fond memories of Trouble. Cherish them and make sure that Trouble lives on in your memories forever.

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Very sorry for your loss. As a friend told me after my dogs passed, they never really leave.

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Very sorry for your loss Chops. I had to put down one of my cats very unexpectedly a few months ago. Still haven’t come to terms with it.


Our Agate, gone three years now, and still missed - here she is taking advantage of my lap and keeping my right hand from flying up in the air:


Well Trouble is back home with his family where he belongs. All we have to do now is pick out an appropriate picture of Trouble to put in his urn, which also happens to be the largest.

On a side note, it’s so quiet around here without Trouble around “talking” like he used to do all the time. You could have a full-on conversation with him.


Truly sad. Dare I say - it’s harder than losing people, in its own way. I raise a glass.

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Chops, So very sorry for your loss. It is very difficult to lose a loved one.

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It is so sad to lose beloved furry friends…
my heart goes out to you friend…

Best wishes Chops


It always sucks. Every time.


Animals are my favorite people.


I’m so sorry for your loss @Chops :crying_cat_face:

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