We lost another one of our babies this morning

Well we lost another one of our sweet babies today. Mina’s health started declining around the beginning of the week We took her to Companion Animal Hospital (who we’ve gone to for 10 years now) Thursday and she was put on an IV for 10 minutes or so to get some fluids back in her as well as some antibiotics. That night, her health got worse to the point that by 6pm last night, she would no longer eat or drink, and was so weak, she couldn’t stand on her own without losing her balance and falling over.

I sent Companion a message on FB around 2 am this morning about Mina’s condition, and by 6 am, I not only got a FM message back from one of the staff, but also a text message. This morning we took her back to the vet, some of the staff and Dr Mattson met us there 45 minutes before they opened.

In the end after some test, Mina’s kidneys were shutting down fast. With those results, there really was no other choice.

So yes, it’s been a rough morning for all of us including poor Mina. Yes, we all cried (if you know me, you know how I am when it comes to my cats), but at least sweet Mina is in no more pain and is now “up there” with her past brothers and sisters. And of course, our other four babies here knew what was going on and are here to comfort us.

Rest in peace baby girl…


So sorry to hear that @Chops, best wishes to you and yours. I love the name Mina and she sure knew how to pose for a picture!

It is nice to hear that you have a great vet practice that goes above and beyond.

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Beautiful cat, always a terribly sad time when this happens.

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Oh, damn. Sorry, man.

Listening to Anouar Brahem, “The Astounding Eyes of Rita” right now, and substituting "Mina":pray:t2:

Lost my little buddy just before Christmas last year. Still miss him, but was so glad to have had him in our lives.

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Heart goes out to you and @badbeef

Animals make us all better people and to lose them is really tough. The benefits they bring to life however makes our time with them so worthwhile.

Really feel for you both!

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Condolences on the loss of a beloved friend. We have five cats right now, so I can relate. Lost my “favorite” about three years ago and it was a sad day. Her sister is now having issues and could go at any time. She is top cat in the house and the dynamic will change significantly when she departs.

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Top Cat!


So very sorry Chops! Such a beautiful kitty!

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My condolences @chops. I had cats most of my life and totally understand how you feel. I currently have 4 cats and they do bring me great joy. As my wife would say “I like them better than people”

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Sorry for your loss Chops. It hurts when we lose them :frowning:

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Very sorry, @chops. Best we can figure, Charlie is 16 to 18 years old. Kinda holding our breath…



Sorry to hear Chops. Pets become family…

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So sorry for your loss. We have three who constantly pal around, Charlie, Kafka, and Leia (Sparky). The latter had a minor encounter with an extension cord to the Christmas tree lights, thus her nick-name.

Charlie (L) & Kafka ®

Sparky (L) & Charlie ®


Pets are the best, so sad to lose one. My wife has a rabbit that she loves more than me. He nearly passed a couple years ago. My wife was hysterical. Cost me a mint at the vet but worth every penny.


Condolences @Chops. Been through it with my dogs. Crying is definitely allowed. :cry:


So sorry to hear about your loss. Pets ARE family and it hurts when we lose them. I never cried so much or so hard in my life as I did last January when we lost our Shetland Sheepdog to kidney disease. Cry all you want; it WILL get better.

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It’s so brutal. I know exactly how you feel.

The last 3 years have been rough here, losing two pets to old age.

ChanceCat lived to 19 and Kellogg (dog) lived to 13 but they are missed every day.



Condolences @chops. No worries, Mina is still with you in your heart.

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We have two bunnies here. One is new to us this week and he takes the place of our very dear friend Fez, our bunny who passed away recently at the age of ten plus years. I have always had rabbits, most indoors. They love to destroy audio cables, the more expensive the better. So it’s on me to keep them separated. I always feel good about rescuing an animal and giving it a good life. Sucks when they pass, but that means a new rescue is going to get a great life.