Our Furry Winter Friends

With this blast of Winters’s finest, our Spanish Water Dog “Mulligan” loves snow. He would plough through drifts all day long If we let him. I’ve never had a dog that likes the cold weather this much. I’ve had dogs for the better part of 30 years.


Happened to be looking out my back window when this group hopped my back wall headed for the hollies around front.


That is a seriously cute dog!

Swamp Donkeys :grin:

Thanks we do love him, he’s bigger than he appears at 50 lbs.


Party time!

Great pic @watchdog507

I’ve got a Lapponian Herder that’s 15, and two Schipperke pups born late summer. All three love the snow - it’s hard to get them to come back into the house at times.


This is from last year, but he still loves the snow!


Our crazy catahoula enjoying some fresh snow a few weeks ago.


Grand dog Stanley, out in the Uintas (Utah), being part Lab, he loves water in all its forms
Snow to roll in:

Snow to eat:


Hey, another Schip fan! You don’t run into us types too often. They’re great little friends (although they can be a bit pesty sometimes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). I was the owner of three over the years. All gone now, but they were good dogs.

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This is Schip 5 & 6 for me; I’m a glutton for punishment. :joy:

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I am not a dog person, but find every Schipperke I have met to be exceptionally good spirited and bright. I suspect they get bored easily.

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It depends on the dog. In general I’d say they are active and curious, and typically good natured. But I had one that was a rescue, and he became (compared to what you might call a typical Schip) a real couch potato. But I think in his case it was a side effect of having gotten to a good home. We figured from his initial behavior that he’d been neglected by whatever humankind he’d found himself with. He would actually want to sleep in another room from us! But after about a year, once he realized we wanted him to be in our pack, he became a good and close companion, and would not want to be too far from us.