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Belden ICONOCLAST Interconnects and Speaker Cabling

Time to let this thread wander. We have an 8 month old Spanish Water Dog. He gives us a lot of joy but he’s the most work of any of the dogs we’ve had over the years. Needless to say, this little dervish is banned from my audio room.


Sassy - Morkie


George the terror!


My listening companion wearing an Xmas present from Xmas 2017.

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These are my mobile acoustic absorbers/diffusers.


There was an audio reviewer, whom I believe wrote for Stereophile, who pointed out if his hirsute cat was present during listening and listed hirsute cat as part of his reference system.


Booties on a cat… clever way to polish your floors.

Bruce in Philly






Knocked out of the park !!


They are wonderful creatures; two llamas and two alpacas.


A Christmas visit from Huck the Corgimo


You guys do realize that that is not my cat at the top of the thread, right? :joy:


I assume this was apparent.

I would have otherwise asked you how you managed to put booties on a cat and convinced the cat to leave them on.


Not the least bit surprised, Mr Elk! What are their names?


Ernie has incredible personality. We think he strikes cute poses intentionally.