Show Us Your Snow Pics For Our Southern Members

We had a foot of snow with high winds it’s wet miserable stuff to move with my snow blower. Welcome to Canada! This is the worst single fall in years.


Looks like a nice summer day in my native Sweden


I’m in Mpls so I’ll just have you take a look at watchdog507’s pics above.

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Wet and miserable is an understatement. This was the first time I regretted replacing my two stage snow blower with a single stage blower. Had to dig out the end of the driveway after the snow plough came through by hand. Too much for the blower. The good news is that I got it all done without a heart attack! Now enjoying a coffee and some tunes.


This is the best picture I’ve taken of snow here, from January 13, one of the bigger snowfalls of the season so far. This is from the kitchen window, looking out at the back yard, much lighter than some winter days. Though we always get “lake effect snow” when announced, it has fortunately been a lighter winter than usual so far.


Looks like a winter wonderland, but y’all can keep the white stuff. Snow here depends a lot on what elevation you are at.

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What is “snow”?

Rob in eastern North Carolina


Yeah…what’s snow?

JP - Buffalo, NY


Serious question: Where do you put it?
Looking at your last picture where your house is barely visible, when you finally work your way out the door, where and how high do you throw it? Looks impossible.

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The Crazy Catahoula and the Red Goddess enjoying some Nevada snow:


I’m a firm believer in letting mother nature put it down and let her melt it off, course it doesn’t stay that cold here.

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My method if you will is to stay on top of it as much as possible during a large storm. Get out there every couple of hours and keep it clear from the garage to the street. It just keeps getting piled up in the front yard on either side of the driveway

I am fortunate or un-fortunate, depending on how you look at it to be an essential worker during snow (or any other emergencies) and my employer provides one of our snow management companies to ensure I am able to get out of my house. They bring loaders to clear my street etc. during the thanksgiving lake effect event (7.5’) they brought a loader mounted snow blower and threw the snow from my front yard over the house to the back yard

Also important to have a roof rake to keep it off the roofs and a clear path to ensure the furnace vent does not become blocked

Each municipality has a staging area for snow removed from the roads, mine is an abandoned shopping center and eventually if needed it is trucked to the Niagara river and Lake Erie and pushed in


Towards the end there is some drone footage of a few neighborhoods dealing with driveways…

I guess when it’s a way of life, creative methods evolve.
I especially liked the guy who just lit his car on fire where it was. :grinning:


I also need to snowblow a “track” around the back yard with a clearing at the far left back corner; my dogs preferred location🙂

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Cool! Quite an image.

When needed, I would shovel a path leading to a large circle where Henry, the 10 pound poodle, would do his “dance” before he found his preferred spot.

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There was so much snow in California this year that I have never seen. But when I remembered and ran out to take some pictures, it was all gone!

When I pushed the back door open, there was a 2 foot drift against it. It was as tall as my Spanish Water Dog. He looked at me implying what do you expect me to do? I had to get a shovel to clear a small path to a potential spot for his attention. I did work it out for him but it was funny.