Output selection on a Perfectwave Transport

Hello, perhaps my question will be a simple one to answer but I am trying to connect a PerfectWave Transport to an Accuphase DP81 DAC via coaxial cable with RCA connectors. Situation now is that they refuse to communicate with a quite annoying silence coming from the speakers. Any suggestion to overcome this? Piero

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Does the DAC have a volume control? A mute button?

There is a mute button but what’s confusing me is that with other CD players the Accuphase shows a light indicating that there is a connection active. With the Perfect Wave the display shows no connection as when the PerfectWave is off. Double tested the cable and it is OK. With the digital output of a E-Sound Signature it works perfect so my impression is that the RCA digital port in the PerfectWave is off.

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Is the transport new in your system and did you already try to hook it up to another dac, or another (type of) interconnect, if you happen to have a spare one?

I just finished to make another test but the result remains the same: with the digital output of the ESound and of a Philips everything works fine. Just disconnecting the coaxial from another unit and connecting the PWT and everything goes dead. Unfortunately I don’t have another dac available nor an optical cable (the Accuphase offers just these two options). Yes, the PWT is brand new in my system (bought yesterday).

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Just to clarify, this is a PerfectWave SACD Transport (PST)?
Not the original PerfectWave Transport (PWT) from many years ago?

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If the Accuphase recognizes coax inputs from other devices, it’s safe to assume that your transport needs to go back to where you got it.
Did you buy the PWT new or used?


I bought it second hand. The previous owner is trying to help me but he did always use it with the Ps Aufio Dac through the proprietary ports.

It is the Perfectwave transport of year 2015, not the current SACDversion