P 10 new user


two weeks ago I changed my P5 (wonderfull product, it has been with me for five years) with P10.
Initially (1-5 Hours) I was very happy: more details, more focus, more realism in voices, more openness, impact, slam than P5.
Then sound started to change.
Now, after 20 hours (load 10%-11%): tha bass is very long, there are some “uhhmm” in my room never heard before with P5.
What will it happen next hours?
When will the sound be fixed?
I wonder how long it will take to break it in fully.

I" m using Multiwave 4 and HIGH REGULATION.

Thanks and sorry for my English.

Hi Stefano,

Do no know if you may have changed the phase tune setting? But I was advised to keep at ‘0’.

With my P10 I have never changed the phase tune adjustment.

Sometimes I have had the ‘uhmmm’ usually can mean a connection issue with Sources to Preamp or Preamp to Amp(s). I unplug interconnects and plug back in and ‘uhmmm’ goes away. Also check connection from your Amp(s) to your speakers. Other possibility is that you may have power cables running parallel to each other.

Also if your THD in has increased the THD out may be a little higher. I have noticed when THD in is higher then sometimes there is a slight, ‘uhmm’ or buzz.

The other possibility is that there may be a ground loop causing ‘uhmmm’ in which case you will have to isolate and determine which piece in your setup is the culprit. Usually start with the last piece added other than your P10.


Thanks Paul.

Five hours ago I unpluged interconnects and now it’s OK.

P10’s been working for 26 hours.

How long it will take to break it in fully?

Thanks again.



Hi Stefano,

It took me more than a week of continuous play before the ‘sound’ of the p10 settled in. It went everywhere in between. From very bass shy to very bass heavy. From sounding very dry to overly dynamic. At one point it even sounded like the whole soundstage collapsed.

Keep on playing, you’ll be rewarded!


Thanks, Remko


I wrote this ten months ago on a similar thread, my experience with breaking the P10 in:

Lots of great sound ahead of you! My P10 was all over the map the first 100 hours or so, wasn’t steady as far as voltage out and sounded good. . . but I had no idea how wonderful it was to become later on. Wow. Stick with it and strap your seat belt on good and tight. :wink:

Thanks Remko, thanks Lonson.
The situation you described it’s what I"m listening to.
P10 has been playing for about 40 hours (not continuos), and the sound has been changing.

It is keeping on playing.