P10 and distance from Amp

Question for the experts.

I just purchased a P10 for my system. My current set up has my soon to be in my possession Modwright KSA150SE approximately 25-30 feet from the P10. Currently I use cables that are 10awg but are connected to the wall outlet about 7 feet away.

Am I going to have issues with a 25-30ft run of 10awg power cable (Signal Cable for cost reasons, sorry Paul) from my amp to the P10? I’m assuming that this is not ideal and that it might be better to relocate my amp, which can be done but I rather not if I don’t have too.


I’m not an expert. But I will answer anyway.

No problem whatsoever. The only potential issue is whether the long powercord picks up nasties on its way to the amp. If you are firm believer in power cords this may be of concern.

Elk’s correct, no problem at all.

It is DC that cannot be transferred over some distance. AC is no problem.

Thanks for the comments guys.