P12 and remote signal issues = shutdown

Have a Harmony One remote. Controlling the volume of my Denon X8500H or LG OLED causes the P12 to shut down. Ive covered the sensor on the P12. If I make incremental volume changes , no issues. If i hold the volume increase down especially for my OLED, the P12 shuts down. Any other ideas

If you use the OLED remote (not the Harmony), do you experience the same effect?

It’s been mentioned quite a few times before. The LG code set overlaps the PS Audio code set.

Yep. I seem to have more issues with the Harmony remote than with the actual LG remote but either can be a problem. If I stick to the buttons I most commonly use I’m OK but it is a pain.

If the LG remote gives you less trouble, you could try to update the code that the harmony is using, by the “teach/fix command” function.