P10 Display upside down

I Tried the P10 firmware downgrade from .41 to .39.
Then the display turns upside down.
so,I upgraded from .39 to .41 back again.
However, the display continues to upside down.

Has anyone experienced the same problem?
How can I fix it?

Oh, I have heard of that once before, but a long time ago. And I don’t remember what the fix was.
I’m sure a PS Expert will comment here with a solution soon.

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I have experienced this myself… Reload the latest firmware then calibrate the touch screen.


hi Dirk

By the way you gave it, everything is back to normal.

Thank you very much…


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Thank Brodric !

Thank you. You are most welcome…

Great job Dirk!
Thank you!!

  • Jeremy

Can’t you just turn the P10 upside down?