P10 Set up

Received my P10 yesterday and have lost use of the touch screen. I was able to scroll through and start to set up voltage etc., but now the panel is unresponsive. I have unplugged etc to no avail. Help!!!

Check the remote control that came with it and make sure the DIM button wasn’t pushed.


I believe the DIM button was pressed.

Whew! Thanks for letting me know.

I reset the screen as per power wave how to instructions and now the display is upside down and still unresponsive. It was unresponsive prior to the screen reset. Display is now right side up. Still unresponsive to touch commands. When the dim button was previously pressed and currently pressed it has no effect on the display. It is still illuminated but inoperative. The only buttons on the remote that affect the display are

Home/ on and off

the arrows

MW and display

Please advise,