P10 firmware question

Hello everyone, I have just acquired a used p10 from a dealer in the UK. I was able to try it first and was happy to purchase it.
I’m wanting to know what the fw is and followed the instructions in the manual to bring up the menu on the touch screen. It doesn’t work it continues to the home screen.
Would PS Audio be able to tell me from the serial number?
Thank you
EDIT: sorted fw 41

This is strange as I seem to have a 0.46 on my laptop which is presumably what I put into the P10s.

Yes I believe 0.46 is the most recent. I’m still getting to know the p10 and my router is upstairs so plugging it in to that is a non starter. I don’t think it will connect wireless.

Network connection doesn’t matter for the FW. You update it with the SD card and the download files from the site. The .46 version, if I remember right didn’t change much. I think it only addressed some remote functionality.

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Ahh thanks for that jamesh I appreciate the info, learning as I go along.

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Well I’m back :joy:. So, I’m trying to register it and it won’t accept the serial number.
I’m typing it exactly as shown on the display but it’s saying “please match the format requested”
Any help appreciated

IIRC, in mine after a 2 there’s an I not a 1

Problem is I haven’t got a 2.
138897 is what I’m trying to registerProcessing: 1000013749.jpg…

Photo of display wouldn’t upload

unfortunately powerplay won’t let me in and it won’t send an email to reset my password but once i can get in i’ll take a look.

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Johnny, I’ve had to email support as it won’t let me login to see my registered products so I can’t see exactly what format it uses. I’m pretty sure for product registration you put in the complete serial number so that it can work out what the produxt is, from then on powerplay with identify it as a P10 and use just the last 6 digits to identify it. I hope that makes sense but until I can get in and look at my registered products I can’t help. Dan.

Thanks Dan appreciate your help

Johnny, in the registration you put the full S/N, here’s one of mine:


Wow that’s miles different I’m just going by what the display menu says. Is that number on your menu?

That’s the serial number on the back of the P10.

Support were great, I needed to activate my account (for some reason).

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