P10 - Instantaneous current

Looking at the P10 to drive a couple of JC-1 Monoblocks.

Focussed on Peak Current:


In Australia, the P10’s peak current is 84,000 A.

The JC-1’s peak is 135 Amperes.

(now) Stereophile’s Jason Victor Serinus talks about the effect of a P600 Power Plant on the JC-1 here:


Would similar issues remain trying to drive JC-1 with a P10 ? I love the speed and dynamics from the JC-1.

Also, what is the peak current of the BHK 300’s ? Would they work better / well enough with a single P10 ? with two P10’s ?

Also, (if known), Devialet - does that work with a P10 ? (i.e. what is the Deviate’s peak current ?) The new Devialet Zero is interesting.

Apparently Australia has crappy (dirty) power, so the P10’s are interesting.

Follow-up post.

How would one factor in the capacitance of an amplifier ?

i.e. along these lines:


I’ve seen many people stating this but I think it’s a general misconception. Yes, the Devialet’s are specced to provide peak powers of 3000W but this power is very short term power served from it’s internal power storage (capacitors), not directly ‘from the wall’. The Devialet’s internal fuses are rated 6.3A and it’s maximum power consumption (at the wall) is specced at 600W.

A power plant can deliver power with a lower power output impedance than your wall socket can, so it’s “easier” for your amp to draw power from it. The P3 can deliver 40A, P3 50A and P10 70A of instantaneous current which is also more than your wall can. This because they too have an internal power storage for short term power serving. Can’t find that number for the discontinued PPP.

The numbers you mention (1500W) are the continuous load numbers. The rated safe continuous load for a P3 is 1200VA and peak 1500VA., P5 1500VA, peak 1800VA and P10 1800VA, peak 2000VA. The conditions for these peak numbers aren’t specified but they are relatively long (I think minutes compared to fractions of a second) compared to both the “instantaneous current” specified by PS Audio and the ‘peak power’ specified by Devialet.

Of course we don’t have a clue what the exact numbers are for the short term power delivery. With this I mean: can the Devialet’s power supply deliver 3000W for 200us, 1ms, 20ms, 500ms, … ? Same goes for the power plants which are in fact also power amplifiers producing one single frequency (50/60Hz).

The above makes sense.

It doesn’t clear up many of the original questions, nor the whether or not the commentary by Serinus on P600’s effect on the JC-1 remain valid.

Elsewhere I’ve inquired about the capacitance of the BHK’s, and it seems even more pertinent to know the details, which I could not locate on the BHK Product Page.