P12 Firmware Version

How do i know which version Firmware i have on my P12.
i tried installing Rev 2.11 but did not see a updating screen once i powered the unit back on, am i correct in thinking the proceedure is the same as it was for the Sunlight update on my directstream
If i check the firmware page on the P12 i have
bootloader 1.13.00
main 0.02.11
power meter 0.21.00
oscillator 0.57.00
web 1.22.00

Do i already have the latest version or did it not load ?



Welcome @Madds66 !

My bet is “main 0.02.11” means you have Rev. 2.11 installed.

Ah that makes sense.
Thanks Elk

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Here is mine. As far as I knew, it is up-to-date for years (06 2019)

Elk is right. You’re looking for Main to be 2.11 which it is so you’re all set!