P10 ok with 3 McIntosh MC601's?


I am currently looking at the P10 to upgrade from a Monster Power AVS 2000. I have 3 McIntosh MC601’s, along with some other devices (Pre-Amp, Phono Pre-Amp, DAC, etc.). I was wondering if the load will be ok for a single P10. Any advice?



Much would depend on how you use these amps. They are big. On most speaker system we use only a fraction of the amplifier’s power and, if that is the case, then yes a single P10 would be fine. I’d start with one and see. It’s likely going to be fine and big improvement over the passive M onster device


thanks for the reply. Most of the time I listen to 2 channel (2 MC601’s) at about 6 watts. Sometimes I stretch it to 60-100 watts at most. While using all 3 MC601’s for Home Theatre use, I would say it is 3x 60 Watts.

I just purchased a single P10 via my dealer.