P10 output voltage

I’m in NZ and Input voltage is varying between 241.3 to 241.9V at the moment (I haven’t monitored this to see if this is normal here). I set the P10 output voltage to 230v but it displays 228.3V. Is there a problem with the P10?

What output setting do you recommend for me?

No, not at all. The metering system is accurate to about 1% (on a good day) and because the exact voltage is not important either sonically or operationally, it’s fine.

You’ll know whether it’s NOT working properly if you have it set to 230V and it’s outputting closer to what’s coming in. In other words, if your input is usually 241V, you have it set to 230V, and it’s outputting something like 240.7V, something ain’t right.

Thanks for the replies.
It’s “sods law” that I found an old answer on the forum after I posted the question, in spite of searching quite a bit first. That explained that the output variation is expected if you’re using the low distortion setting (which I am).


Love the Kiwi phrase, Sod’s law. A new one for me. I can’t wait to use it!

Happy Listening