P10 output voltage setup question to 105v


Hi, I have the new P10 last week and want to setup the output voltage to 105v for my Japan amp, pre-amp and CD player.

After I setup the output voltage to 105v in Setup screen; then check the Status, found out the output voltage in Status Screen is 110v!

Is it suppose to be showed 105v, right? Appreciate any help for this.



Did you purchase a Japanese version or a US version and trying to use it in Japan?


Hi Paul,

Purchased the P10 is US version, I am live in CA. My city input voltage is 120v. I have Japanese version power-amp (100v) etc.

Last night I tried to power off and power on the P10, after power on, I check the Status Screen, can see the output voltage first is 106v, then 10 sec later, change to 107v, 108v, 109v than 110v; and stop at 110v.

My question is, when in the setup, did set the output voltage to 105v, but the actual output voltage is 110v?

So, it is output the 105v or 110v?

If the P10 can’t keep the output voltage at 105v, why let the customer make such setup?

Since I new with P10, and want to make sure, my Japanese version devices ok with 105v or 110v in US.

I also have your DirectStream DAC, in the back of the DAC, the label: 110v to 120v; that means, I can plug the DAC to P10 that have 110v output voltage (even the setup is 105v for output)? Or I need to change the setup to 110v also?

Thanks for the help.


If you go to the scope and then arrow through to the last page where you can set the voltage, it should go to 105 and stay there. The only reason I can think of that it won’t stay there is if you have it in the low distortion mode. The low distortion mode allows the output voltage to fluctuate slightly for best distortion.


Hi Paul,

You are right. After I set the Mode to “High regulation”, then on the Status Screen the output voltage now is 105v!

After set to High regulation mode, the Scope output waveform not as perfect as when in “Low distortion” mode.

Now in my Status Screen:

Input voltage is 121.4v
Output voltage is 105.2v
THD In is 2.1%
THD Out is 0.9% ~ 1.0%

MW Strength is default, 4
Phase Tune is 0

Do I need to adjust any for the best performance for the P10? Thanks for the help!


Nope. You’re all good to go!