P10 Query: 122 V output . . . safe for continuous use?

I have been experimenting with settings and configurations on my P10 and have found a great system sound with Low Distortion Mode, no Multi-wave and Output Voltage set to 122 V. I’d like to set this and forget it and enjoy the sound. Is there any danger to connected equipment in running this output voltage daily? Thanks!

If it does not run hot, I would not be concerned.

What is the typical input voltage?

Thanks Elk.

It's 115.6 right now, and typically runs from 117 to about 119.

Not running hot at all and I'm not really worried about the P10, more the other equipment in my audio/visual system.

Given that nominal voltage is 120V I would expect all equipment to be fine with a less than 2% variation.

Thanks Elk. Been three hours with no evidence of any problem so I’ll continue.

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I bet most of us have run into that “feature.”

What is wall voltage? Does the P10 show that, or do you have to use a tester?

I have a P300 I run at 120v, the default is 117v, but my wall voltage is usually 124-126v.

As long as your wall voltage is higher than 122v, I can’t imagine any problems. The voltage around the country varies so much that manufacturers have to allow for it. Only nuts like us, and people who run protection for computers do more than run power strips. So everything in the house just relies whatever they get from their power company.

Ask a bunch of people what the exact voltage is in their house, they won’t know.

As I said above the input voltage is usually low according to the P10, 117 to 119 volts. It seems that everything is working fine, no transformer buzzing, nothing visibly amiss on the TV, sound is glorious. I’ll keep at it for a bit.

Sorry I must have read it, and promptly forgot it.

I would check with your power company, find out if below 120v is their normal. In Summer it must go down with the added load from air conditioners.

I called mine when I was reading 126v as my Dectet went into protection a few times, they said it was normal.

It also got me thinking, years ago we used to refer to wall outlets as 110v, as they used to run 220v into the house. At work we had 440v three phase. It was a long time ago but I don’t ever remember the electricians, ever call it anything but 440v. I wonder if it is now 480v?

My power company may or may not be helpful. I’ll check, thanks. I live out in a small neighborhood with far more trees than people and I don’t know if they know what it normally is out here. I find it lower lately on the P10. I think I’m fine at 122 volt output, will keep running it a few more days. The sonic change is nice.