P10 Overload - happened last night for first time

Last night I was playing Dune very loud and my P10 overloaded and shut down. I had to turn all the circuits back on. I was running my Anthem AVM60, 5 Channel x 200, and 4 channels out of 5 on Outlaw 5x100 amp along with my DS DAC/Sonore/Matrix combo (all off at the time). Now this movie uses the surrounds and atmos speakers as well as center (thats what these amps power) a ton more than any other movie I have watched in my room. I did have it very very loud too. Do I have too much on the unit or was this just me pushing more than I should have?

Yes, and Yes. You may wish to either turn down the volume a bit or move up to either a second bigger power plant or a second P10.

Thats what I thought. I did restart the movie and took vol down 10 clicks and it the movie was still loud and it did not overload. Does the 15 and / or 20 offer more as the numbers state? It was unusually high vol I was doing and this movie really utilized the channels.

The P15 offers more, the P20 yet more again. I wonder if you were possibly at your amplifier’s limits. Did it sound loud but compressed, or with slight distortion. Not being there I’m guessing here, but I’d just lower the volume as you say, 10-12 clicks.

It’s the LFE that gets you. I run my system with a P20. My processor let’s you choose speakers size which dictates LF cut off. My mains and surrounds are set XXL because speakers can handle subwoofer bass. Movies like interstellar where spacecraft crashes and Midway Pearl Harbor scene Arizona sinking. My power meters were at 2KW on big amps. But sustained current draw and repeAt explosions was too much for a single P20 If i keep peaks below 1KW the P20 will hold its own.

12 WPC peaks is normally where the system needs to be for reference level but the movie mixers will surprise you. I run a MX150 preamp/processor with 7 channels of RoomPerfect Therefore dialogue is excellent super clear lower levels since the room acoustics and sound arrival times are spot on since distance measurements entered to each listening position Is manually entered during set up. McIntosh and Lyngdorf did a great job with this preamp. Two channel is just as good in Room Perfect.

If you lowered the volume by 10 dB and it was still loud, yeah…you are pushing it.

I run all 9 at 80hz cutoff. The fronts are on another circuit. But if I add up everything it’s 1500 watts. I believe the 10 is only 1000 peak.