P10 popped on DUNE scene

I use my P10 to power my Anthem AVM 70, 9 channels of amplification (5x200 and 4x120) as well as the Oppo player. During Dune on the harvester lift scene it popped. As you can its less than 600w peak. What’s up with that? Did the unit not record the peak? I don’t think so, it was still on, just shut down the circuits. Any tips? Does it need a service?

The website app has a slow sampling rate.

It is good for long-term over view, but not instantaneous events.

The “peak” you have posted is a long term average, such as one watching a long film or an extended listening session.


Is it a dedicated circuit to the outlet?

Yes 15amp dedicated. The breaker did not go just overload or protection shut down. Had to walk over and hit the 4 red buttons to make green.

I was playing very loud and that movie uses all 9 speakers I had running through the P10.

Perhaps in order for the spice to flow you need a P20 and 20 amp circuit.


I suspect Suk doctor Wellington Yueh may have sabotaged your P10 at the behest of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.