P10 - permanent load 70-80%, problem?


I recently picked up a pair of Lamm M1.1 monos, which consume about 300W each. Combined with my other gear, my PS Audio P10 shows about 800-900 Watt and 4-5 a current, which equals to a permanent load between 70%-80% of the P10.

1.) Is this a problem concerning reliability and long term stability of the P10?

2.) What could possibly happen/go wrong?

3.) Anything else I have to look after, when the P10 has to work this “hard”?



This strikes me as perfectly fine. As you are concerned, I suggest periodically checking the temperature of the unit.

bene said What could possibly happen/go wrong?
Giant cockroaches carry your P10 away?

An annoying child stuffs the unit with peanut butter?

Watch out for those peanut butter kids! We recommend keeping at least 15% headroom, so you’re within that amount. Looks like your amps have a constant draw of that wattage – if you saw the meter go higher during loud passages or transients I’d probably recommend a second P10. But if it’s a near constant draw, I’d say you’re OK. The P10 has an efficient amplifier in it, so like Elk says you can feel it for warmth from time to time but the heat shouldn’t be an issue long term, by design.

Thank you very much! As you suggested, it is a constant draw. More than that…I experienced, that after “warm up period” (what an expression for the HEAT being emitted from the Lamms all the time…) the constant draw reduces to about 70-74% load (less W than at the beginning). I am no technician, but must have something to do with the Lamms!

So I am less concerned right now :slight_smile:

One last - maybe stupid - question: You both mentioned, I should check the temperature of the P10 periodically. You mean, just by putting my hand on it or is there any value I can get from the unit concerning the temperature?


Not a stupid question at all. Yes, simply place your hand atop the heat sink. It should not make you pull it off quickly. Warm to hot is fine, just not burning hot.