P15 The right choice?

Picked up a P15 today, got everything hooked up and noticed the load around 79%. Do I need a P20? Should I remove some components?

Here’s what I got:

Primaluna Dialogue HP (KT-150) Monoblocks
Primaluna Dialogue Pre-Amplifier
Driving Focal Sopra 2 (4 ohm)
Mytek Brooklyn+
Zesto Andros 1.2

Am I at risk of running too high and damaging something?


Yes I believe PS Audio recommends a load below 75%.
How do you like your Lumin ?
I demoed one in my system and I am going to buy it.
It sounds fantastic in my system.
What cable are you using into and from it?

Welcome @teknikk7! Beautiful system. I bet it sounds amazing! The tube mono blocks are going to be pulling a lot of current. This is probably why the P15 is at 79%. We do recommend that you run at about 75%. We want there to be enough overhead so the P15 can supply enough current for the big passages. Because of your system’s demands, I do recommend moving up to the P20.

Nordost Heimdal 2 across the board. That goes for USB to the Mytek, interconnects, power cables and speaker wire. Also using Sboosters on the Mytek and LUMIN U2. Those make a huge difference.

Damm, that’s not an option. This thing barely fit in my rack as it is. What about two P10’s?

Two P10s would do the trick. This would help to distribute the load. Two P15s would be even better because you’d get the benefit of the lower output impedance and better voltage regulation compared to the older P10.

Thank you.
Sbooster on the Lumin?
I am surprised, given the sophisticated external power supply of the Lumin.
Also you write Lumin U2.
I only see the U1 on their website ?

Your right. Typo

U1 Mini to be exact.

Odd, I turned on the system today to gauge the load at high volumes and load is pegged around 66%-75%. Saw it hit 77% a couple times during deep bass passages. Am I going to be okay?

If you’re at about 66-75% idle, you should actually be OK. I would also occasionally check and see how warm the hear sinks are getting. If they’re warm to hot, you’ll be fine. If they’re too hot to leave your hand on, I’d maybe look at getting a second.

So I did more testing. Each mono-block demands roughly 30% load. I originally had my TV plugged in and this alone demanded a high load which put me in the 80% range. I have since disconnected it. I had no idea the TV would consume so much power.

Thanks guys

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No worries. You’ll be fine. Its was designed to handle loads like that.

You could always add a P12 for the source components.

I’m not sure the reason for the 75% recommendation. If it’s not at 100% load even during worse case musical passage, it is fine, no reason to waste money. Maybe PSA can update the firmware to record when we hit the 100% load ( or 95% or user selectable) instead of just the realtime meter, so we know for sure when and if we need to upgrade

Excellent idea.