P10 fluctuating output


I have bought a p10 and I am getting a THD output of 0.1% from an input of around 1.5%,which I assume is as good as it can get.

However I am wondering if everything is ok as I have set my output as 230 v and I can see the power fluctuating higher than that. Should it stay at 230v?

I played around and set it as 235v and it is going up to 236v. It seems the higher I set it the higher it goes. I have just set it to 229v and it is hovering around 230.3-230.9 or so.

Is this normal or should it be staying at the set output level?

There are two modes for the device, one is lower distortion with more output fluctuation, the other is tighter output regulation with slightly higher distortion. I choose the former like you have. It is normal and works best from a sound quality aspect. A small fluctuation of the output voltage is not problematic at all.

Thanks for the response Paul! Great service here and am very happy with the unit.

Paul, do you use the sine or multi wave setting? If you use the multi wave setting, which level do you use?

I use MultiWave.