Power Plant P 10 locking the display!

Today my Power Plant P10 (230vac) crashed the display (it locked) I can’t access any page!
By its own will, the P10 turns the voltage output receptacles on and off, randomly!
Anyone with similar problems?
I can’t open the page that indicates the Firmware!

Hi, Try a reset by holding the front logo button at the same time that you flip the on switch on the back. This may resolve you issue.

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Hey @Nascimento-Brasil!

Sorry to hear about that P10 malfunctioning! I’d definitely try resetting the unit as @watchdog507 suggested.

You may also with to reach out to our service inbox (service@psaudio.com) for some forceload firmware to reinstall firmware on that unit.

Hello, thanks for answering, I’ve tried several times, but it doesn’t recognize touches on the home screen!

Darn, sorry the reset didn’t help. The display likely needs to be replaced. Your local distributor/dealer will be able to get ahold of our team and send them a new display that they can install for you.

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I just sent an email to PS Audio support, I’ll see if they send me a firmware to do a factory reset!
Thanks for the reply!