P10 no longer turns on

Hello everyone, I’m writing from Italy, so excuse me for my bad English.
I have had a P10 for about 5 years, purchased after great satisfaction with a P3.
My P10 never gave me any problems. I just bought a new furniture for my system, so I had to transfer all the components. The P10 was like “glued” to the old furniture, so I had to exert a decent force to detach and move it. After moving, after connecting it to the wall outlet, the P10 no longer turns on. The display remains always off.
What can have happened? Maybe the fuse burned?
Thank you!

Check the fuse for sure. The vibration may have caused it to go open.

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The fuse is most likely the culprit.

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Hi boys, Thank you very much!
I really hope you’re right.
Later I’ll try to change the fuse, I’ll let you know.

Hi everyone…
I checked the fuse and unfortunately it’s not him.
Sometimes when I turn on the rear switch I can hear some weak “clicks” into the P10, but the display doesn’t work. Powercord is OK.

Sandro, if you feel comfortable doing this, remove the top cover of the P10 (after it is unplugged) and check for any loose cables. The force may have caused a cable to become unseated.

Tony, thank you very much for your advice. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I won’t be able to open the P10, I’ll have to entrust it to some qualified technician.

Easy to remove the top plate, all you need is a set of Allen keys and a Tile lifter.
There are four hex screws on the corners that need removing via the correct size Allen key.
Once these are out just put the Tile lifter on the top, engage the vacuum to lock the Tile lifter to the top and just pull it up, very simple procedure.
Re-install the top by just doing the process in reverse.

Thank you sheridd2!

Could be the display cable is loose. Might be worth checking that. I doubt this is the case but worth checking, the display could just be dimmed right now. Make sure the lights are off in the room so you can see it and hit the on button on the remote.

Thank you jamesh!

The same has just happened for me with my P15.
Totally dead now.

Birger, thank you for your intervention.
A few days ago I brought my P10 to a qualified technician for repair. I will let you know what happened.

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I will send my P15 in on repair also as soon as the shop I bought it from have given me info about it.

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i’m in china, my p5 has similar issue (since 3~4days ago), and its also bought 5 years ago, press the power button has no effect, but it still has tiny electric sound (from the coil?) after turn on its power button (at the back), that indicates the fuse has no problem.
usually turns on the button at the back, there will be “clicks”, and the fan will run, but now it has no effect (even no “clicks”, just continuously tiny electric sound).
this machine is already connected to my wifi route, its online, is there possible a network attack? i search this issue on internet, and it leads me to this page, and the timeline is so close.
i dont move the machines, i means no physcial damage to it cause that. that time i close the power without shutdown the p5 first (unexpected power stop), then i cant turn on it after the power restore.

Hi remilia , thank you for answering.
My PS Audio P10 was not networked. Unfortunately, the technician to whom I entrusted it has not yet let me know anything. As soon as I know what happened, I’ll let you know here in the forum.

thanks, and i’ve also plan to send my p5 to repair tomorrow :slight_smile:

Today a delivery company will pick my P15 up so we will see how long it will take to fix it, how much it will cost (ONE month after the warranty expired) and what’s wrong with it when it worked just fine before I turned it off with the main power switch on the backside and after that it’s impossible to get it to work again.

Curious question: How can anything break when you turn it off?

do you means you close the backside power switch before you turn off the p15, and then its damaged? my problem is it lost the power, and the p5 is on while that time, and its damaged, its weird

Hello everyone. Yesterday has returned my fully functional P10. The technician who repaired it told me that there was no fault. It was the fact that all the screws and contacts inside the appliance were loose, there was not even a tight screw. So the technician’s job was limited to tightening all these screws and contacts well, and in fact I paid a very modest amount (but I have to say that this technician is a friend, and he does it as a hobby). Now my P10 works great … what a relief! The worst thing was carrying the P10, which is very heavy. So if you are a good at screwdriver, you should try it at home. Thanks again to everyone for the advice and encouragement!