P10 - Where can I see historical data like V in, V out, THD ??

I got a P10 and I need to open a case with the electrical provider since I have wonky THD, but I need historical data!!

I upgraded to the latest firmware on the P10 but I couldn’t find the spot where the P10 logs historical data on THD and Voltage swings.

I have registered the P10 on the PSAudio website and I can control the P10 from there. No historical data anywhere?

I browsed to the local P10 from my iMac but that could reveal a historical data section either.

The P10 doesn’t answer on telnet or SSH either?

Am I missing something here obvious since it mentions on the P10 section on the PSaudio website that the P10 logs historical data.

Local time 14:42
65.6 W
233.9 V in
229.8 V out
THD in 1.3
THD out 0.1
Local time 19:30
51.8 W
230.5 V in
229.9 V out
THD in 1.4
THD out 0.1

If you have registered the P10 on PS Global Net / Global Remote Control (My PS / Power Play / http://powerplay.psaudio.com/) but you are not seeing graphs displayed it sounds like you are experiencing the same issue as I had when I 1st registered my P10 on the PS Audio server (about 2 months ago), and others experienced the same before me. Someone in PS Audio needs to fix something at their end. I recommend you read this thread and contact PS Audio if this is your problem.


Hi Frank7038

Thanks for the reply.

My device was registered on thePSaudio site but it stated the the old IP address (it’s on DHCP and it since rebooted and got another IP).

This morning I saw the correct IP in “my registered devices” The previous info seem to be stale info.

I registered again the P10 in http://powerplay.psaudio.com and I see now all the graphs since I bought the unit.

The P10 was logging data all along but I was not able to see it through powerplay.

I have send an email to "davep@psaudio.com" referencing your orginal forum and he might have fixed it last night.

It’s working now.