P10 question

Hey all. So I have my DS /preamp/ streamer/ farad lps hooked to it. It is kind of buried behind my equipment so the screen is very difficult to see.

Is this something I should be monitoring to see any crazy indication of a pending issue with the P10 unit ? If it was in a more convenient place (I’m struggling for real estate) I would check it every now and again. If the p10 has an issue that’s one thing … but if it trickles down into my equipment that’s a problem. Is there anything that would indicate the p10 would be having an issue to circumvent any downstream problems?

If you register it on PS Audio, it does not matter if it was purchased used and connect an ethernet cable to your router you could than go to the website and see how it is working. Look at the support and Powerplay. You can configure and control your P 10 there. Other than thay there is nothing else you could do without access to the touchscreen.

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When the regen boards go it’s possible to see high levels of distortion, e.g. higher output distortion than input distortion and very low voltage out. It’ll still power circuits for a while until it decides to blow its fuse.

On a P10 you need to be in a certain screen to see the voltage and distortion numbers rather than the standard screen with five green plugs.

Yes. I know this. But because it is behind by equipment. It’s hard to see