P12, block vents?

I have a P20, it is great. No lock ups or anything except when Mains went haywire. Poco’s fault! Pretty good for them they did not bust six figures of stereo. Nearest chance, yanked P20 from wall.

Anyhow, I wanted a P12 for a smaller system. This is probably a stupid question. I would need to install it so the vents are completely facing a wall at zero clearance. yes, it would have to be on it’s side. Other than that I guess a Dectet is better than nothing. I am guessing that is not okay? Even though my peak draw will only be about 4 amps. Thank you

Install P12 on the wall on its feet…assuming it can be orientated in a position other than it was designed for.

Some adapter will screw into the unit and into the wall?

You know when Poco went crazy? They have reimbursement program for damage they caused. There is no damage, P20 did it’s job. I am concerned later a big capacitor fails. Nothing I can prove then.

Use appropriate fixings suitable for the construction of the wall.