P12. Clarification how Delay Mode operates


Considering a P12 in the near future and need some help in understanding how the customizable power up/down procedures work in practice.

Wondering if I understood the user manual correctly? The P12 can put into standby and take out of standby the other components that are plugged into its AC receptacles?

So if I have a BHK pre, DS Jr., and M700s plugged into the P12, I can customize the power up/down sequence without the use of the 12v trigger cables? In this scenario, I will be using the On/Off button of the P12 remote control instead of the BHK Pre remote to power up/down the entire system?

You can supply power to any component continously, or have programmable activation/shut off with time delays. I have P12 and its predecessor P5.

The P12 (US version) has four banks of outlets - 2 outlets per bank.


The “shut off” you mention would I guess be like turning the mains switch OFF on the back of the components right? It isn’t putting the PS Audio components plugged into it on Standby instead?

I’m wondering, do you leave your P12 turned On 24 hrs a day? Or do you put it on Standby after a listening session?

When P12 outlets shut off they turn off entirely. The P12 does not put other PS Audio products into their standby mode. If the P12 outlet shuts off, anything plugged into turns off as if the power switch on that product has been switched off.

The P12 is designed to be left on at its rear power switch. It can be programmed to leave none, some, or all its outlets on in standby mode. It can be similarly programmed to turn on certain outlets when turned to on, delay power to certain outlets, etc.

You can program all power to be cut off from all components if that is what you want. You would program each bank to shut off when the on/off switch is deactivated. In my system, I only cut off power to a couple of components, and leave the remaining components powered, managing those components by their individual on/off controls.

Make sense?

My P12 is powered, but normally is the off position. 3 banks are powered always on, and one bank is activated/deactivated with the on off switch.

@Elk @netspecht-2

Got it… that clears things up. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ask if you have more questions. It is a bit confusing at first.

What about if we can use remote to turn on/off a specific bank?

I have a P5 used this way. I use one bank to turn on and off my REL subwoofer via the supplied remote and a logitech Harmony One remote. All other banks are set to always on.