P12 start up / standby modes. Correct procedure when using

Hey PS Audio forum users,
I have just acquired myself a pair of M1200’s and a P12 regenerator. I am using a Lumin P1 as my dedicated source. I am just trying to find out the correct procedure when using my new P12.

Please tell me if this procedure I’m using is the correct way.
Firstly, I have EACH separate component (switch) on the rear of all units ALWAYS in the ‘on’ position. I would only turn the respective power switch into the ‘off’ position if I needed to unplug power from P12 (so really it’ll never be off unless I need to move or add etc).

I have my P12 power options (setting mode within P12) to the ‘SWITCH’ mode. With ‘everything’ in their respective ‘standby mode’, I firstly press the ‘ON’ button on my P12 remote.

This obviously brings the P12 out of its standby mode and gives it full function. After bringing the P12 out of standby, this automatically powers up my Lumin P1 and gives its full function activity (so I don’t need to press any buttons to operate my Lumin P1 as the P12 has taken care of its start up procedure).

I also notice that both my M1200’s blue LED front power button quickly flashes and then goes off (goes into its Disable Mode / Standby). I then press the ‘on/off’ button to both my M1200’s and this makes the blue LED’s begin to flash for a few seconds, then changes to a constant blue light and are now ready for use. So, I only have to phyiscally turn on / push the power button to my M1200’s (as the Lumin P1 starts up automatically after bringing the P12 out of standby).

After the above ‘start up / turn on’ procedure I have full function of my system and begin my listening.

Putting my system into ‘standby mode’:
Firstly, I turn my volume down, press the constant blue LED button of both M1200’s (which puts both into the Disable Mode / standby). After the Power Amps are in standby, I then put my Lumin P1 into its ‘standby mode’ (by using the Lumin P1 remote). Now the only component that is left ‘on’ after this is the P12. So I then press the P12’s remote ‘standby button’, which in turn places the P12 into ‘standby’ (and everything is in darkness - other than they are ‘all in standby mode’). So all I have to do is go back to my ‘start up procedure’ when I want to use again.

I am asking as I know the procedure when using separates when powering up / turning off.
ON - sources first, then Power Amps
OFF - Power Amps first, then sources.

I am just a bit confused turning ON / OFF(standby mode) of my new P12 regenerator?.
Am I doing this correct? I love my PS Audio gear and really want to look after it and use it correctly. Thank you for taking the time to read and a big thank you if you can reply to my question/s.

I keep my P12 on all the time, except for when thunderstorms are on their way. Then will power down the entire unit from the front switch, back switch, and unplug from the wall.
I have the zones set to delay startup in case of a power outage, as I sometimes have full tube pre and power amps fed by the P12.


Maybe look into using the trigger function from the P12 to the M1200s so you can have the P12 turn on your M1200s.

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thanks for that, great option / idea. appreciate

hi adifferentpaul,
when you say, you keep your P12 on ‘all the time’
Are you suggesting that your NOT putting the P12 into ‘standby’ EVER, so the P12 is always lit up like a Xmas tree and I’d have to dim the front display panel to make it appear that its off?

This is the part I don’t understand, do I put my P12 into ‘standby’ like the rest of my components OR it (P12) never ever gets put into standby unless as suggested, an electrical storm is luring?

thanks for your advise

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If I am understanding correctly, all your audio components have no power to them when you are not using them?
If so, they are not really in “standby mode”.

I would suggest changing the P12s outlets from “switched” to “always on”.
Your audio components will now truly be in standby mode, which in theory will result in better sound quality sooner.

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Standby on P12, just like all standby in PSA gears, it cut off input/output only and keeping internal parts on.
Since the output of P12 is power sockets, so put P12 to standby will cut off power to those sockets, except socket (Zone) is programmed to be always on.
As for power on components in certain sequences, as example, here is my configuration.

Power on sequence:
Zone B (pre amp) → zone A (CD) → zone C (power amp) → zone D (power sub)

I have my P12 always ON, and use P12 standard by to power on/off my gears. (Just like the switch on a power strip)


thanks st50maint,
this makes sense, I just couldn’t find what the correct procedure was. the manual doesn’t really itemise how/what to use. this makes it simple to understand now. thank you,

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massive thank you Terrence.

You have explained it throughly. I wish the manual put it in this prospective. I now understand that what I thought I was doing (putting my P12 in ‘standby’) was only cutting power from my respective power outlets (P12) to my power amps and source. That was obviously a ‘Rookie mistake’. I’ll make the change to my program setting (P12) so it will remain ‘on’. So now when I put my M1200’s monoblocks and Lumin P1 into their ‘standby modes’ it really will be in standby mode as I haven’t cut the power supply to them from my P12 (what I was doing).

Also, thanks for adding the attachment as for the configuration of the various Zones. For a newcomer to a Regenerator, this is now making this new process so much simpler to understand and gives me a much better insight into setting one up.

Your a legend

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